Brian Timothy

A sucessful entrepeneur for three decades, Brian Timothy has run successful businesses in manufacturing, construction, retail and software.

Brian's ideas are always big. His experience includes building Island Precision Cabinets; pioneering CNC fabrication in Western Canada; and creating Take Off estimating software.

His opinion is widely sought after and his credentials are impeccable. Brian has had a hand in many of the West's prominent buildings, including the Vancouver Airport, Airport Fairmont, Whistler Four Seasons and Hotel Grand Pacific.

In 2007, Brian Timothy and Tom Morin joined forces to seek out challenging one-of-a-kind projects that require the highest quality finishes. Some of them can be seen in the case study and photo gallery on this web site.

Tom Morin

Tom Morin apprenticed as a fine cabinetmaker — and craftsmanship and attention to detail continue to inform all the work he does. He built a career as a Project Manager and System Engineer, and then a General Manager before launching Morinwood, Inc. in 2003.

An early adopter of advanced CNC manufacturing methods, Tom designed and implemented the manufacturing systems in a number of Canadian shops. As manufacturing columnist for Woodworking Canada, Tom has pushed the wood industry to embrace technology — but only if they understand the huge business shifts that will occur.

"The key is to channel people's creative ability," he advises. "Companies get convinced that technology will solve all their problems, and begin to see it as a goal in itself. In fact it's only useful in-so-far as it can help you better serve your customers."