We Are Guided by Three Core Values:


Teams achieve things that individuals cannot.  But teamwork is not easy.  The foundation of teamwork is trust.  We trust each other because we know that each of us puts the team’s goals and interests ahead of our individual goals.  Each time we make a tough decision based on what is best for the team we make the team stronger.


It takes humility to admit how much you have to learn.  Every day Morinwood staff learn,  teach, and end the day a little better than they started.  The problems we face and the mistakes we make are our teachers.  Curiosity and desire to improve lead to countless small innovations, and occasional breakthroughs.


We have confidence in our ability to solve problems.  We know that pushing our limits will grow our skills and knowlege.  ​Taking on challenges is not easy or comfortable along the way, far from it.  However we know from experience that the satisfaction​ of overcoming them gives our work and lives meaning.  Our customers recognize that we are good partners because we will solve their problems.  


We grow people

We hire good people and help them become great.  We teach them the skills they need to progress in their work and lives.  We support apprenticeship, in-service training, continuing education and individual learning objectives.

We help our staff find their greatest strengths and focus on growing them.

Current career opportunities: