Enhancing Construction Projects: The Power of Design Assist at Morinwood

At Morinwood, we redefine the traditional role of trade contractors by taking on the dual responsibility of coordinating design and overseeing the budgeting for expansive scopes of work.

The process of building a institutional infrastructure is incredibly complex.  Project teams need partners who can take responsiblity for their part of the project and coodinate effectivly with multiple stakeholders.  While major electrical and mechanical companies are often asked to serve in a Design Assist (DA) role, few other trade contractors possess the confidence, experience, or endurance required to orchestrate a comprehensive DA engagement.

Morinwood boasts a track record of successfully completing numerous DA projects. As variations of Design-Build is the predominant delivery method for Infrastructure BC, our expertise is sought after to contribute across multiple budget cycles, spanning from conceptualization to the final IFC drawings over several years.

Our privileged position allows us to leverage our trade knowledge to shape the planning process effectively, aiding optimal detail selection while maintaining a vigilant eye on interior finishing budgets.

  • Effective DA hinges on robust communication between design and construction teams, ensuring proactive consideration of real-world challenges that may arise during execution.
  • Furthermore, it demands finesse in navigating the sometimes delicate political landscape, as stakeholders often need to reconcile their aspirations with budgetary constraints. At Morinwood, we excel in balancing project budgets, reallocating resources to maximize efficiency and eliminating unnecessary expenditures.
  • The ultimate outcome of DA is a collaborative environment where contractors and designers synergize to troubleshoot construction challenges at the conceptual stage.
  • Design-assist contractors leverage their expertise to identify potential execution hurdles, propose innovative materials, and optimize construction timelines based on local factors like labor markets, weather conditions, and logistical insights.
  • Nevertheless, the DA approach adds complexity to the design process, necessitating exceptional communication skills and a mutual willingness to embrace feedback and revisions.
  • In an industry where traditional roles often siloed planning and execution, not all contractors or designers are equipped to navigate the collaborative nuances of design-assist relationships.
  • Ready to revolutionize your construction project? Reach out to our estimating department at estimating@morinwood.ca to explore how our design assist services can elevate your team’s capabilities.