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Men of Morinwood Want You!

The residential section might be slowing down, but we are just crewing up for institutional projects on Vancouver Island and in Northern BC.  Check out our Careers page and Apply Online. We will be mobilizing for the replacement of the 70-year-old Cowichan Secondary School with the brand new 1,100-student facility before Christmas.  We are training […]

Morinwood’s new Ops Man

I’m delighted to announce that Jay Timothy BCom PMP CSPO has started in the position of Operations Manager at Morinwood. Jay and I go back a long way. He was one of the first people to join me when I put out my shingle. His precise estimating work won us our first major P3 hospital project – Surrey Memorial […]

Design Assist at Morinwood

In most of our major projects, we play a design assist (DA) role for our GC clients.  Since Design-Build has become the default delivery method for Infrastructure BC we are typically asked to contribute to multiple budget rounds as the project is built up from concept, through design development, all the way to IFC drawings […]

Buddy Up!

The rash of fentanyl deaths is overwhelming.   Six people die in British Columbia every day from toxic drugs.  20% of those are tradespeople.  These are mostly working men, who use recreationally or have dependencies that see them use drugs unsupervised.  When they overdose there is nobody around to help them.  The Vancouver Island Construction Association […]

Come back! Offices gotta change

The entrepreneur I just spoke to is anxious.  She feels that the company culture she built over the past decade is at risk, or at least slipping from her control.  The close comradery of her office has been an important ingredient in the secret sauce that made her distribution company special and successful.  Now as […]

It’s Time To Build

Vern Harnish pushed out this motivational article by American tech pioneer and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen over the weekend.  I’ve copied it below because it helped me to crystalize the way I feel about the future.  The COVID-19 pandemic might have sucker-punched us but it’s given us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to alter our course towards […]

Leading in Tough Times: Wisdom from CEO’s

After I saw the ravaged store shelves this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to get some perspective on piloting through choppy waters from local CEO members of The Entrepreneurs Organization. Many of them started tiny businesses that grew into much more serious enterprises and unknowingly committed themselves to quarterback a lot […]

Wisdom’s Retirement Party

I like politics, so I stayed up late to watch our youthful federal leaders deliver their post-election speeches.  There was a strange chaotic moment when, the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP all tried to take their respective stages at exactly the same time – perhaps each hoping to drown out the others – forcing the poor […]

Our MVP Plan

I learned why Alan Mulally is such a unique CEO when I heard him speak last October.  He changed the way I run my business and inspired me to create our MVP Plan. What makes him unique First off, Mulally is responsible for saving the Ford Motor Company. When Ford was at its lowest point (losing 17 Billion in 2006) he led the […]